Gardening for Kids
Gardening for Kids
It is good to see the children's involvement with environment-friendly activities. One such nature-loving activity is gardening.
Here are the benefits that gardening could provide the children with:
1. Science
In planting, children are indirectly taught the wonders of science like the plant's life cycle and how human's intervention can break or make the environment.
2. Life
Watching a seed grow into a tree is just as wondrous. In time, kids will learn to love their plants. Gardening could actually help simulate how life should be treated -- it should be with care.
3. Relaxation
Studies show that gardening can reduce stress because of its calming effect. This is applicable to any age group.
4. Quality Time with the Family
You can play and spend quality time with your children.The bottom line is, always do what you have to do, together with your kids. You might discover a lot of new things about your child while mingling with them in your garden.
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